The future of the ice cream by Prime Gelato

Made with ingredients you might find on the dinner table rather than in a dessert, gourmet gelato can be sweet and savoury.
It's perhaps our craziest type of gelato!

Examples of gastronomic gelato flavours include tomato and basil, cheddar cheese, salmon, and serrano ham and many more!
This type of gelato is great for chefs looking to add a unique and personal touch to a dish in their restaurant.

Ingredients: we strive to use quality primary ingredients and spices to make our gourmet flavours, paying careful attention to flavour equilibrium by adding salt, sugar, oil, and/or wine. ingredients vary depending on the flavour being produced.
Our gourmet gelato is available only upon request for special events, although we occasionally offer select flavours directly in our shop during tasting events.