Let's start to sell our Prime Gelato at your place

Our mission here at Prime Gelato is to bring you the highest quality gelato made with real, fresh ingredients.

Our philosophy is rooted in the highest quality standards that only those who have met a top level master in the gelato sector can offer.

We pride ourselves on creating unique flavours and producing some of the best gelato in london.

Our store and laboratory are located in Covent Garden, London. come in and taste the excellence for yourself!


Prime Gelato was founded by Mirko Mazzone, an Italian pastry and gelato chef from Genoa, Italy.
Mirko graduated as a pastry chef from Accademia Italiana Chef, one of the best cooking academies in Italy.
He subsequently went on to complete a masters in classic italian gelato from Cast Alimenti in Brescia.
Here he learned how to make gelato under the instruction of world renown chefs in the gelato industry, including Sergio Colalucci, the 2016 gelato world champion.

In august 2016, Mirko decided to follow his dream and bring his unique gelato to London, a city he has loved for many years.
His gelato making style is characterized by a strong desire to seek the best quality ingredients possible and use them to produce unique flavours that customers might have never heard of before.

"I think the thing that makes my gelato unique is the passion and the knowledge that i have. I believe that everything you do with 110% of yourself will be a better thing than the one you do with 90%. i give 110% of myself to make gelato."
Mirko Mazzone